June 30, 2015


St. Peter Area Robotics Mission
To promote interest in and knowledge of science, engineering, and technology throughout the community of Saint Peter and its surrounding communities; and to develop leadership, business, teamwork, communication and other life skills through involvement in robotics based competitions.

History of Robotics in St. Peter
2000 – The first LEGO classes were taught in St. Peter

2006 – The first FLL team was formed in St. Peter

2009 – FRC team 3018 started in 2009 with only 2 students and 2 mentors. They finished last at their first year of competition.

2010 – The leadership of the FRC team changed along with all the students on it, the team grew to 14 students.

2011 – The FRC team continued to grow, adding more students and more mentors. The team was picked for the elimination matches at their competition.

2012 – This season the FRC team was picked for the finals at their first tournament and won! At their second tournament they were ranked first and picked their alliance partners, but lost in the semifinals. The team competed at the first ever MSHSL State Tournament along with the FIRST Championship.

2013 – The FRC team won many engineering awards including the Engineering Inspiration Award which qualified them again for the FIRST Championship and the MSHSL Tournament. At the Championship they won the Creativity Award.

2013 – A FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team was started in St. Peter and the team finished second at their tournament.

2014 –  St. Peter Area Robotics was formed in November of 2014 in order to support all levels of robotics programs for students in the area.

2014 – The FRC team 3018 merged with FRC team 3747 Chao-Tech from Mankato, MN. Both teams were low on students and mentors so combining students from both areas to continue to be involved in FIRST. At their first tournament they ranked second and won the tournament. At their second tournament they were ranked fourth and ended up losing in the finals. The team again competed at the FIRST Championship and the MSHSL State Tournament where they earned second place.

2015 –  The older of the FTC teams won the Inspire Award at one of their tournaments and went on to place second at state.

2016  –  FRC team Nordic Storm was on the winning alliance at the 10,000 Lakes tournament and won an invitation to the World Championship in St. Louis. The first FLL Jr. team was established in St. Peter.

2017  –  FLL team Flaming Goats earned a trip to the state tournament. An official FTC tournament was held at the St. Peter High School through High Tech Kids.

2018 — We had two FLL Jr. teams, two FLL teams, two FTC teams, and one FRC teams competing this year in our growing program.

2019 –  FTC team Nordic Storm was invited to attend the World Championship in Detroit.

St. Peter Area Robotics (SPAR) is a designated a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Public Charity by the IRS, and its primary function is the governing and funding of local FIRST® programs including FLL Jr., FLL, FTC, and FRC.  The group will also provide a structure to continue the work of the small number of individuals who taught Lego and STEM classes in our area and organized teams to compete in all levels of robotics.

St. Peter Area Robotics Association Bylaws