April 15, 2016


Donation to Saint Peter Area Robotics Association

We need your help in continuing to offer excellent robotics programs in the Saint Peter Area. Student fees cover some of our costs, but as a non-profit organization we are dedicated to making this opportunity accessible.  We rely heavily on charitable gifts for teams to register and travel to tournaments, keep hardware and software current and relevant, and to supply the programs and teams with materials, parts, and supplies to learn and compete. No matter who you are (Supporters, Friends, Advocates or Fans all the way up to the Benefactors who cover the entire cost of registering for a single FRC Tournament), please know that your financial support makes a positive difference in the lives of the youth we serve.

While all gifts are greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged in the Sponsors page on our website, gifts over $500 (Champions and Benefactors) will be acknowledged with the inclusion of the sponsor’s name/ logo on our web site and team t-shirts. Benefactors who contribute by the start of the build season will be displayed on our robots that are competing in FRC events that season.

Thank You for your support!

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