This year Saint Peter Area Robotics had 2 FTC teams, in a new model separate from Saint Peter Public Schools (since they were still struggling to support the FTC program they started). The older of these teams (FTC Team 5692) won the Inspire Award at their first tournament and went on to place 2nd at state. Read more about 2015[…]


This season the FRC team 3018 merged with FRC team 3747 Chao-Tech from Mankato, MN. Both teams were low on students and mentors so combining students from both areas to continue to be involved in FIRST. At their first tournament they were ranked 2nd and won the tournament. At their second tournament they were ranked Read more about 2014[…]


FRC Team 3018 won many engineering awards this season including the Engineering Inspiration Award which qualified them again for the FIRST Championship and the MSHSL Tournament. At the FIRST Championship they won the Creativity Award.  An FTC team was started in St. Peter this year and they finished 2nd at their tournament.


This season the FRC team 3018 was picked for the finals at their first tournament and they won! At their second tournament they were ranked first at the end of qualifying rounds and got to pick their alliance partners, but they lost in the semifinals. This season FRC team 3018 competed at the first ever Read more about 2012[…]


FRC team 3018 continued to grow, adding more students and more mentors. They ended up being picked for the elimination matches at their competition.


The leadership of FRC team 3018 changed along with all the students on it, the team grew to 14 students this year.


FRC team 3018 started in 2009 with only 2 students and 2 mentors. They finished dead last at their competition this season.