FLL Registration

August 16, 2016

To register your student for a Saint Peter Area Robotics FLL, please complete the following information.

After submitting the registration information, you will be redirected to a payment page to process the registration fee.



Student Information

Please complete the following information for the student who will be participating in FLL:

Please enter child's legal name
Please enter the name that your child goes by
If grade level does not apply, age will be used to determine appropriate level of participation.
Please enter school's name or indicate 'Home School'
The email address that should be used to share information with the student.
The phone number that should be used to contact the student if needed.
If your student has previous robotics experience, please list above and include how many years of participation in each activity or program.

Parent/Guardian Information

Please complete the following Parent/Guardian information:

We support Saint Peter and the surrounding communities.
(in case of emergency)
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